Couples Therapy - Holding Hands

Getting Couples Therapy Before Marriage

Mar 27, 2015

Marriage is one of the most important decisions in our lives, if not the most important one. Before making any serious decision an educated, modern individual knows researching and getting advices can be a good thing. So, why are we so afraid to get a little help when it comes to our relationships?!

Opening up and making yourselves vulnerable to each other in a counseling setting before marriage can deepen the emotional connection and ability to communicate with your partner, eliminating mutual misunderstandings, unreasonable expectations, and unstated assumptions. The main purpose of couples therapy is to put you and your significant other in a room with a neutral mediator to help you make sense of what’s going on. Counseling before your engagement can decrease the chances of divorce and set a precedent for how you cope with future problems.

In the case of couples therapy, it’s essential to find a counselor who will suit both of you.

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