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Healthy Souls Wellness Center presents: Mindful Support Groups

Healthy Souls Wellness Center offers a variety of therapy groups designed to allow you to work through specific issues alongside others who are dealing with the same problems. You or your child can learn from others while receiving positive support from the group facilitators.

Dr. Ida Karayan, PsyD, LMFT, CBT
Alina Krikorian, MA, LMFT
Henry (Hal) Tyler, MA, LPCC

Location: 2505 Canada Blvd, Suite 2, Glendale, CA 91208

For schedule and availability, contact: 818-293-7739

Parents Support Group: Share Strategies On Raising Children

Dr. Karayan and leads parents and expecting couples in group therapy sessions to discuss effective techniques, breaking bad habits, setting boundaries, challenging behaviors, inspiring success in school, making friends, and other issues with their children and teens.

$40/session- 10 sessions

Grief Healing Group:

Grieving the loss of a loved one is never an easy process and often involves many cycles of pain and healing. This group can help you recover alongside others who have also experienced the pain of loss.

$40/session- 10 sessions

Becoming a Teen (ages 11-13)

The transition into adolescence is never easy, and comes at different times for different people. This group can help your pre-teen learn how to navigate the teenage years and begin the search for independence and identity without getting stuck in negative behaviors.

$45/session- 10 sessions

“Woman to Woman”:

Being a woman in the modern world requires you to play many roles that often seem contradictory. Whether you raise children, take care of a household, work part- or full-time, or are in a committed relationship- or all of the above- just living can seem overwhelming. This group allows you to give voice to the feelings you feel and learn from other women how to not only survive, but thrive and find fulfillment.

$40/session- 10 sessions