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Couples may experience a period in their relationship in which they are faced with roadblocks that make it difficult to cultivate and maintain healthy communication. Dr. Karayan offers couples the opportunity to express and process their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives, in order to resolve conflict, gain a deeper understanding, and heal past wounds.

Dr. Karayan has extensive training and experience with Imago Therapy and weaves these techniques into her customized couples therapy.

Based on the well known work,  “Getting The Love You Want” by Dr. Harville Hendrix, Imago Therapy shows that the frustration that couples experience when dealing with common issues that arise is a natural and necessary part of all relationships. When couples are able to cope with these issues in a safe environment with respect, love, and understanding, they are able to make the shift from chaos and turmoil into a seasoned and satisfying love. Imago Therapy uncovers new dimensions of the relationship and restructures the old patterns that have brought about fear and resentment.

The Imago Dialogue is a simple and respectful way for couples to communicate with each about things that are truly important.  With Imago Therapy, there’s no criticizing or blaming.  Instead, the focus is on attentive listening, responding, and being heard in a safe environment where discovery and surprising solutions to old conflicts can surface.

Dr. Karayan helps to facilitate positive and constructive communication between couples, strengthening their commitment to one another. Together and as individuals, couples determine their strengths and weaknesses. They identify the stressors to their relationship, while establishing new patterns for resolving future conflicts. The therapeutic journey helps couples better recognize each other’s needs and remove the roadblocks to their rapport. Through this increased self-awareness and awareness of each other, couples begin to rebuild their relationship.

Whether it is early in your relationship or 40th year of marriage, couples therapy offers you the opportunity to reexamine commitment to each other and move forward toward the goals that you choose.

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When couples may benefit from couples therapy: