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Life experiences often disrupt our sense of wholeness, leaving us feeling unable to find our way back to ourselves. Individual therapy is a collaborative process between the therapist and client aimed at facilitating change and improving quality of life. Therapy helps individuals work through barriers that diminish the quality of their emotional and mental well-being and directly impact their daily functioning. The therapeutic journey enables individuals to identify and manage stressors in their lives and begin the process of healing and attaining self-awareness.

Individual therapy helps the client develop life skills with which to overcome habitual patterns of depression, anxiety, and self-criticism, gaining a new perspective. Through strengthening their interpersonal skills and learning to set healthy boundaries in therapy, individuals improve their personal and professional lives. The therapist utilizes a variety of theoretical approaches to meet the specific needs of the client. Regardless of the challenges the client faces in his or her life, by taking the first step to seek help and opening themselves to the therapeutic process, the client will be on the road to living a life with a healthy mind and healthy soul.

Individual therapy can help you if you: