Burbank Psychotherapist

Psychotherapy in BurbankBurbank Psychotherapist, Dr. Ida Karayan, works with her clients to develop personalized strategies for confronting their specific problems from her serene office located in Glendale, only a few miles from the city of Burbank, California. Dr. Ida Karayan, Psy.D, L.M.F.T., C.B.T., is a certified bio-energetic psychotherapist and she utilizes bioenergetic techniques in her practice. She teaches her clients about the relationship between their mind, body, and emotions, and believes that all three need to be addressed to create permanent changes.  These techniques help her clients sustain more fulfilling and less stressful lives.

Serving The Community

Dr. Ida Karayan is an active member of the community. She works as a consultant at several private schools where she regularly lectures and offers group therapy. She is the Director and Supervisor of the Armenian Relief Society’s Child, Youth and Family Guidance Center, a non-profit mental health facility which offers services to low-income and newly immigrated families of the glendalle community and its neighboring cities. Dr. Ida Karayan’s involvement with the Armenian community extends to her relief efforts in Armenia following the 1989 earthquake.

Dr. Ida Karayan has also worked with severely mentally ill patients at Glendale Adventist and Las Encinas hospitals, served as council member for the City of Pasadena for over four years, and is or has been an active member in numerous organizations such as CASPS (California Association for Students in Public Schools) and the Western Prelacy Educational Council and Board of Regents.

Our Location

Located near Burbank, in the city of Glendale,  Ida Karayan Psy.D., L.M.F.T., Certified Bioenergetic Therapist, provides high quality, personalized psychotherapy services near Burbank to individuals, families, children, and adolescents in a professional environment.